David Richter
as Martin
Sarah Cabrera
as Liisi
Michael Chateau
as Luinstra
Emma Kelly
as Rosalyn
Chrissy Van Dyke
as The Singer
Also Starring
Jeremy Feldman
as Agent Nathan Williams (FBI)
Adrian Annis
as Sgt. Benjamin Lamb (Police)
Mat Rix
as Agent Tom
Harris (MI5)
Thomas Matthews
as Inspector
Kendle (Interpol)
Zak Lee
as Gatekeeper
Charlie Ford
Ash Bayliss
as Phonebooth
Nichola Fynn
as First Oxford
Daniel Curshen
as Second Oxford Student
Simeon Willis
as Dealer Danny
Kubo Keiichi
as Bic
Luciano Dodero
as Russell
Jason Croot
as Yorkie
Dan Maynard
as Manny
Grzegorz Kowalczyk
as Kowalski
Kersten Heigl as Naked Woman, Jarred Green as Naked Man,
Beth Wignall as Sleeping Girl, Luis Robledo as Airport Hostage,